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Davidson's Fort Militia group.

Civil War

Brother against brother, father against son feeling run strong even today.

Teaching the young

Our members take it upon themselves to train our young.

Attack on the fort

Our militia holding off the Cherokee.

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Revolutionary War Pension Applications

Beginning as early at 1776, the Continental Congress recognized the benefit of extending pension and bounty land benefits to the men who fought for America's independence from Great Britain. Initially aimed at creating enticements to recruit and retain the services of the men serving in the Continental Army and Navy, over time the scope of these acts were expanded to extend benefits to more of the veterans of the Revolution including men whose served in the state militias and privateers and, eventually, to their widows.

To avail themselves of the benefits of these acts, the veterans and their widows were required to file applications detailing their services and other information about themselves and their families. These applications tell the compelling stories of the men and women who risked their lives and property to lay the foundation of the United States of America. Unfortunately, most of the documentation relating to the earliest of these acts (those pre-dating 1818) was destroyed by fires in Washington D. C. in the early part of the Nineteenth Century. The documentation that survives and the documentation from the later acts, however, provide a wealth of information of interest to both historians and genealogists.

While most of our historical data comes from these pensions much of the information we obtain is from published material, we would like to thank the following people or websites for their historical publications:

Culture & Heritage Museums Historian Michael Scoggins Daily Life During The American Revolutions, Dorothy Denneen Volo and James M. Volo

William Alexander

Philip Anthony

Joseph Ballew

Richard Ballew

Steven Ballew

Humphrey Bates

Daniel Blevens

Thomas Boyd

Josiah Brandon

William Brittain

Lieutenant Robert Browne (pilot)

William Brown

William Brittain

Robert Brown

William Brown

Daniel Bryson

John Carson

Martin Coulter

Richard Crabtree

John Davidson

Andrew Derryberry

William Falls

Joseph Ford

John Franklin

Nicholas Frye

Timothy Gauney

John Gibbs

Jacob Grider

Joseph Hancock

John Hawkins

Churchwell Jackson

James Jackson

Jacob Lawler

John Littlejohn

Vachel Lovelace

Capt. Thomas Lytle

Samuel Macke

James McDaniel

James McDonald

Joseph McPeters

Thomas Milford

William Morris

Patrick O’Neill

Lt. Samuel Patton

Robert Reed

James Richesin

Andrew Shook

Jacob Shook

John Spelts

Moses Stepp

Isaac Thompson

James Thompson

Henry Wakefield KIA at DF 1780

George Walker

Abner Womack

Belfield Wood

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