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Dedicated to Living History

Davidson's Fort Militia group.

Civil War

Brother against brother, father against son feeling run strong even today.

Teaching the young

Our members take it upon themselves to train our young.

Attack on the fort

Our militia holding off the Cherokee.

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Re-learn History

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Vittie's Woodworking

Welcome to Pyatt's Herbs and More. We are your local Piedmont North Carolina source for naturally grown and dried herbs and herb products in historical and modern interpretation.
Hesse Kassel Jaeger Korps

Antique restoration and Windsor Chairs. Master Craftsman James Chandler

The 2nd Company Hesse Kassel Jaeger Korps is an educational not for profit 501c3 corporation dedicated to educating the public about the American Revolutionary time period and the contributions of Germanic peoples and the Hessian Forces to the Birth of our country.

At the 96 District Fabrics, we strive to offer the best in fabrics and accessories for the Living Historian - Medieval through Victorian, at the very best prices

The Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia is a living history organization, dedicated to educating the public about the lives of the settlers and first peoples on the 18th frontier and to sharing the history of that portion of Western North Carolina which is now Northeast Tennessee.

The Musgrove Mill and Company. South Carolina Revolutionary War reenactment group.

Civil War Reenactment Headquarters-Events, Reenacting Units and Supplies
 The Civil War Reenactors Website
The Old Fort Chamber of Commerce
Old Fort website
mill creek log homes

Davidson's Fort Historic Park, Inc.

Catawba Falls Campground McDonalds Mark Hall Tile SAR Rural Center

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